When To Head For The Hills – Part 2

You Did Something Good? We Didn’t See It.

Even if you don’t really care for the recognition, it can be nice to occasionally be recognized. However, what if you do excellent work and nobody notices it? Even worse, the organization doesn’t really appreciate how well the project turned out. It might be time to find someplace that WILL appreciate your effort.

The Organization Has Mission Creep

Sometimes it can happen slowly, but eventually it can become apparent that your organization no longer values the things that attracted you to them to begin with. Maybe there’s a dramatic leadership change or the organization gradually changes its goals. While change can be a good thing, it might not be for you if you find your part of the company on the outside looking in. You might find a more appreciative organization elsewhere.

When To Head For The Hills- Part 1

Most of the articles we’ve shared here have been management-centric, but regardless of position, everyone is ultimately managed by someone else. And in most every position there comes a time when the writing is on the wall- it might be time to dust off the resume and head for greener pastures.

So when might it be time to leave? If you’re lucky, you don’t work for a boss as obviously evil and tyrannical as Mr. Burns from The Simpsons. So how can you tell if it’s time to set sail for somewhere else?

Management Solves Problems By ‘Putting A Hat On It.’

The tension throughout the office is intense. Co-workers constantly snap and snipe at each other. Whatever ‘code of conduct’ that upper management makes everyone sign is rarely followed or thought about. How does management try to solve this issue? By putting a hat on it! ‘Let’s wear crazy hats and do potlucks and ice breakers!’ This type of thinking shines a spotlight on the organization’s inability to do anything constructive to really tackle an issue and can be a good sign that it’s time to find something new.

Insincere Rewards and Recognition

Sure, it might be fun to get a nice reward for a job well done, but is it a sincere reward? Was it handed out with little fanfare by someone who makes it clear that this reward is something that corporate required be handed out to someone and so, ‘here you go.’? This can be a sure sign that the organization doesn’t really value your work and feels obligated to give you something because ‘that’s what everyone does.’ Thus the recognition backfires and shows you that it’s a good time to get out.