Thank You, Beverly Cleary

I owe my love of reading to three women- my mother, my grandmother and someone who I never had the pleasure of meeting, but whose work had a profound influence on me nonetheless- Beverly Cleary.

While I was admittedly a reluctant reader (at first) as soon as I picked up the habit, I never stopped. And it was Ms. Cleary

Happy Birthday, Beverly Cleary!

Happy 103rd Birthday to Beverly Cleary! Ms. Cleary’s books inspired me to become a lifelong reader and launched me on a path of learning that eventually led me to make my 2nd Goal in Life come true! (Which was to graduate from Berkeley, BTW.) Thank you for sharing your talents with the children of the world, Ms. Cleary!

A Suitcase & A Dream

In 1923, Walt Disney arrived in California with just $40. William Fox was a multi-millionaire with a chain of theaters and a growing movie studio. At the time, nobody at William Fox’s studio would meet with Walt Disney to just look at his portfolio. If someone had said back then that the company Walt Disney would setup would eventually buy William Fox’s Company, they would have put them in the crazy house. Yet tonight at 9PM PDT Disney will officially own 20th Century Fox.